Monday, July 29, 2013


I am tired, but I wanted to post a few pics of my week thus far.  Why is time moving so fast?  I have so much to do, and no time to do it.
Some of the teachers at my workshop on Saturday morning.

    Rupa is on the far left, and a few other sweet morning shift teachers.  

Occasionally the hotel gets a little frustrated with the way that I drape laundry all over the room, and they will passive aggressively suggest that I do laundry by moving the laundry bags from inside the closet to a drawer on my dresser. 

The little green "auto" or "tick-tick" is a primary form of transportation in Kolkata, but this was the first time that I saw one that was blasting some sweet jams out of huge megaphones.  Obviously, what Kolkata needs is more noise, so I loved this.

No big deal.  Just moving some sticks.

Niladri gave us a fantastic tour of old Kolkata, and we loved the architecture.  The sitar on the top of the building behind him is divine.  

There was a little boy in the top right window. 

Just some random street shots.  I now know how difficult it is to walk the streets of Kolkata in a sari, but I doubt this woman raises as much of a fuss as a group of Americans do.

It is his turn to do the dishes.  I hope this also means it is his turn to choose the radio station all day.  

I am going to miss Kolkata.  The streets are always so random.

Pick up game in a back alley.

A swimming pool with some high dives.  I was concerned about the depth, but John questioned the water quality first.  His point might be more essential.  

Niladri and Caitlin at the end of our tour.

The whole crew plus Niladri.  It was raining, but the ring around my waist is actually just sweat.  I wore the wrong colors that day.

My first trip on the tram...with these characters.  I eventually gave up my seat to a naked baby which made Janet, who was sitting beside me, very nervous.  She was pretty sure that he was not old enough to be potty trained, but we made it home without witnessing an accident. 

Four sari wearing hotties before our English presentations.

Some of the teachers who came to our professional development.

Part of the crew dressed in our best Indian garb.  Obviously we make quite a scene around town.

The back of my sari has somehow come undone, but Sarah's face steals the show.  She wears a sari like she was born for it.

Sumanta and Caitlin.  

Sumanta is our favorite, so the poor man had to pose with each of us.  He might love us secretly, but we live for him.

Some of the dancing at the reception.

We love Richard and Yojna.  Best Oberoi staff members!  

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