Friday, July 12, 2013

Some photos - also a random video of the dance show that I can't figure out how to move or delete

A little of life this week
The pool at the hotel.  My life is hard.  This is a terrible photo of its beauty, but I am pretty sure that even with my lack of photography skills you can tell that the Oberoi might be heaven.  

The welders that I found on my walk.  I am pretty sure that they should have been using more protective gear.  Michele, make sure Doug sees these.  I took them for him.

The other welder.  At least he had some some of mask/shield.

We went to Citi Mart to stock up on water for our trip to Santiniketan this weekend.  

An upper nursery class singing some songs and doing some chants for me.  They did about 7 songs in 3 different languages. I might need to become as smart as these dears who already speak Hindi, Bengali, and English so well.

The day shift administrator (in the sari) was getting into the singing.  She is very talented.

A few of the classrooms have smart boards!  Totally amazing!  These classrooms are used for the older students on day shift, but when I visited lower nursery today, they were using the smart board to practice their English alphabet.  Adorable!

Could they be any cuter?  My school has students from age 2 all the way through Class XII.  Some of my students in 6th grade have already been with the school 10 years.  

The "playground."  They have this slide and the seesaw which you can barely see through the little ones.

Mrs. Roy with the babies.

A shot of the staff room where everyone sits to grade and rest between classes.  Note the fans along the left wall; they make this place divine.

A teacher alone during 1st pd of day shift.  Usually about 8 teachers sit at this table.

Sarah and Janet in front of the theater building where we went to see a dance performance tonight.

The name of the dance hall.

The dance recital was themed around the six seasons that India experiences and each of the seasons was represented by one of the 6 main types of dance in India.  I must say since I don't know either the seasons or the styles, I didn't quite "get it," but I sure enjoyed the costumes, music, and talent of the dancers.  

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