Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saturday on Thursday?

Today is another of my random days off work, and I decided to spend it visiting a friend's school to see a cool lesson about designing traps for toads and then exploring our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, we got lost on our way to her school and missed her sweet lesson.  Then I started out on a walk through the neighborhood and it started to pour.  I probably walked about 40 minutes in pretty steady rain, and it was amazing!  It was the first time I haven't felt hot (except in the hotel's air conditioning) since I got here!  Glorious!

My plan was to take pics of my walk, but I only got to snap a couple of some welders to show my brother in law before it started raining.  More street pics to come soon.

My new plan is to get a pedicure in the hotel's spa and do some lesson planning.  Pedicures - such a hardship.

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